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A Walking Contradiction? Nah, You’re Just Creative.

We all like to think of ourselves as creative, be it our ability to strum Jason Mraz tunes on our fancy new $70 ukulele or make a plate of Publix noodles and Paul Newman Sockarooni Marinara Sauce look like it was prepared by Gordon Ramsay. Whether your livelihood encompasses creative endeavors, or you find your […]

Our Foray into…(gasp!) Television

The corporate world has long been our bread and butter, for twenty-two years and counting. We confess, we love helping companies tell their stories. However, when given the opportunity to write a television series, well, we couldn’t say “yes” quickly enough. It was the right project, with the right people, at the right time. The […]

We Do Our Best Work in the Restroom…

Hey, who doesn’t? Some of the best ideas ever hatched came about in the midst and mist of a morning shower. I’m certain Richard Branson makes Wall Street altering investment decisions while combing his mane in the mirror. As for 7 Course, we were invited into the proverbial bathroom by our longtime friends and client […]

This Is What We Do. (No, You Can’t See It.)

One of the bigger challenges in our industry is that we write a lot of video scripts for corporations. Videos that are shown at annual meetings, that are used as training modules, that are shared on the companies’ intranets. What doesn’t happen as often is a situation where the videos we script – and sometimes […]

Why We’re Here…

Starting a blog for your business in 2013 is a little like deciding it’s time to break out the disco ball and polyester slacks in the era of Mumford & Sons. Not exactly what we’d call blazing a trail. We aren’t gonna make the cover of Fast Company for this move. But while we’re a […]

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